Undercover Jerk

Undercover Jerk

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Adrien Mackenzie doesn't like wasting the little of time. His duties are his priorities and so does his time. A perfect schedule of sleep and eat, Adrien Mackenzie doesn't like getting loose. 

But this strict follower of rules, is not what 25 year old Blair had asked for who lives and travels on her own world. She is a night owl who  is on her way of discovering herself when she is bestowed with a bodyguard who is none but Adrien Mackenzie. 

But as she lives with him, she discovers, he's not only a bodyguard assigned to protect her from odds, but someone who she should've stay away. 


'There's a shit called "smiling". It's something you do with your lips by stretching them up. It's good for you and you should be doing it.' Blair exclaimed. 

Adrien simply stared at Blair. 'There is also a thing called "shutting up". It's something you do with your mouth by simply keeping it close. It's good for you too and you should be doing it.' He said calmly. 

Blair stomped her feet hard on the ground but Adrien didn't even flinch. 'I can't live with you!' 

'I was thinking the same. But duty is duty.' Adrien said.

'I hate you.' Blair said under her breath. 

'Our feelings are certainly mutual.' Adrien repeated. 'But duty is duty.' 


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khadijakhalil32 khadijakhalil32 Dec 02, 2018
Woah... Seems interesting😉 but I'm still Wondering that who's the narrator of this story?🤔
khadijakhalil32 khadijakhalil32 Dec 09, 2018
Best of luck dude!! for Ur New story lK that it'll also be best like Afar😋 and The Girl in black😃