The Lazy King

The Lazy King

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CokeCupCola By CokeCupCola Completed

By the time I realized it, I had reincarnated into another world.
I kept sleeping, and at some point I became a Demon Lord.
Even though I never wished for it.
But for me to not have to work, this world is the best. It must be true that good things happen to good people.
The flavor of Sloth is as sweet as honey. Glory, diligence, virtue, or honor. I have no interest in anything like that.
What's there to hide? The Lazy king is... none other than me.


this story is not mine I've got it from novelupdates and published here for offline reading purpose only.

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Lazy_Demon_Sin Lazy_Demon_Sin Dec 31, 2018
I can imagine a hero breaking into his room and cutting his bed in half
                              That hero will face the wrath of the sin sloth