His Favorite Word Is No [l.s COMPLETED]

His Favorite Word Is No [l.s COMPLETED]

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emma :) By Officiallycrazyy Completed

"Please Louis! I'll do anything for you!" Harry pleaded to Louis, who was currently walking down the sidewalk, trying to get away from the nerdy freak following behind him.

"Anything?" Louis spins around.

"Anything. Just give me your number." Harry pleads, tears about to start bursting from his eyes.

"Not so sure Styles." Louis brushes him off, leaving Harry stranded in the middle of the sidewalk, tears streaming down his red cheeks.

Completed on 4.4.15

stainedbygalaxies stainedbygalaxies 4 days ago
okay okay what about a pear and an apple *smashes together like phil on pinof8* and UGH equality
Now now hold your knicker bub. He will fall for you eventually.;D
JoshEatsAss JoshEatsAss Apr 01
Just thinking about making the little guy get hot and horny and he does not look the same in bed please save some holy water
I swear, I'll never get it how fast Harry could speak in Marcel's character.  And he was so awkward and cute! Those for sure were happy days, Tommo.
Pear?Why not apple?Or banana?YOU DON'T LIKE BANANA PERSONS?!Are you a fruit racist,huh?
Cienna_L Cienna_L Jan 10
This story looks so good! Prepare for spamming of comments and votes :)