Favorite Teacher | Obsession ✔

Favorite Teacher | Obsession ✔

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Book 2 to Favorite Series. 

"I love you, I've always loved you. I stuck the gum on your chair because I wanted to see you even more. This is why I wanted detention,  just to be with you more. " Tyler keeps walking towards Ms. Carson,  backing her up against the chalkboard behind her. 

"Tyler.. you're my student. "

"I know!  Im graduating this year. Once I graduate you won't be my teacher anymore, so we can be together. I love you. I think about you every second, everyday! "

Ms. Carson clears her throat and pushes Tyler away from her, adjusting her position. 

"Tyler, you don't love me. I had to change schools because a student had the same thing with me. But, there are a bunch of girls who would love to date you! "

Tyler's expression turns dark, almost scary. "I said, I only want you. No-one else. "

Ms. Carson giggles, "Why don't you go home Tyler?  I'll forget about why you came to detention."

"I SAID I ONLY WANT YOU! " Tyler was furious,  he banged his fist on the desk of Ms. Carson. 

"Y-you don't. B-besides I-I have a boyfriend. " Ms. Carson was now frightened,  she dealed with a couple of students falling in "love" with her, but never like this. 

"B-boyfriend? " Now,  Tyler was angry.  He wanted to find this "boyfriend" of hers,  he wanted to destroy him. He took what was his,  and now he will... 


*Recommend to Read Book One first*

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