Cat Noir's Pawsome Army!

Cat Noir's Pawsome Army!

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Ravenfeather By Sandleaf Updated Jul 02

Ever feel like Cat Noir is underrated? Always Ladybug's hapless sidekick? Or just simply here for comic relief? Here's the army where you can change that.

Cat Noir is a brave, witty, cunning, kind and selfless hero.  He has been overlooked TOO MANY TIMES! Ladybug may be able to purify the akuma but Cat Noir is powerful in his own right. 

He can destroy anything with a touch.

He is willing to sacrifice himself without a second thought to protect someone.

He has enhanced senses, able to detected attacks,

He has come up with plans to stop akumas.

He has destroyed akumatized objects.
He is the heart of the team, keeping them together and giving them hope.

And he's pretty damn handsome.

This is the place where you can read stand-alone Cat Noir fanfictions, Trade theorises, Listen to Cat Noir puns and meet with other Cat Noir lovers!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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