My Love, He Keeps Me Warm

My Love, He Keeps Me Warm

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loki By SaphiraTheGreat Updated May 12, 2018

Loki has been banished to Midgard shortly after the events in New York, with most of his magical abilities and godly powers locked from him. Tortured, lost, and friendless, a certain Tony Stark stumbles upon him in a coffee shop, and takes him in. Providing a strong pillar for the shell of the would-be conqueror, a bizarre relationship forms between the two.

But Asgard was not the end of Loki's pain. A mysterious plague affects him, with otherworldly origins. On the brink of death, an answer may be unveiled. 

But is it too late?


All character rights go to Marvel. I do not own anything other than the story and plot line. I am in no way profiting from this book or any of the characters, it is all for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks to @beatriznobre967 for the wonderful cover!