My Love, He Keeps Me Warm

My Love, He Keeps Me Warm

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loki By SaphiraTheGreat Updated May 08, 2016

(Takes place after the Avengers and before Thor the Dark World.)

Loki has been banished to Midgard, with almost all of his powers locked away from him. His adoptive father, Odin, has decided he would spend his days on the streets of Manhattan, New York, until he can afford a place to live or until he dies. Not the cleverest of ideas, in Loki's opinion, but that mattered not.

But what happens when Tony Stark storms into the same cafe Loki now works, only to discover who he truly is, and offer him a stay at Stark Tower?

 (PG 13 only. No sex, but it may get intimate. Frost Iron/Iron Frost shipping.)

All character rights go to Marvel. I do not own anything other than the story and plot line. I am in no way profiting from this book or any of the characters, it is all for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks to @beatriznobre967 for the wonderful cover!

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GobletSky GobletSky May 05, 2017
GobletSky GobletSky May 05, 2017
It's funny how all the comments posted above are about how Loki somehow died...  Am I the only one that thinks that JARVIS is being sarcastic to Tony right now? I mean there was a bang and then a scream if Loki died when he hit the doors, I don't think there would have been a scream...
Tigertail123456 Tigertail123456 Oct 16, 2017
I laughed so hard because I was listening to sledgehammer of fifth harmony like omg!!!
Gay_Ass_Hoe Gay_Ass_Hoe Feb 13, 2016
I I I got a migraine and my pain will reach up down and sideways
blogger_at_221b_ blogger_at_221b_ Nov 12, 2016
Ironically this has happened to me but not the dying part but I did get a bruise!
blogger_at_221b_ blogger_at_221b_ Nov 12, 2016
Loki and I are the same:
                              Pranksters ✔️
                              Bookworms ✔️
                              Geniuses ✔️
                              Raven hair ✔️
                              Not appreciated by family except for brother ✔️