Reincarnated?! The Quest To Find The Demon!

Reincarnated?! The Quest To Find The Demon!

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Misha Hilung, a sadist and a narcissist. A working adult that works at a compamy and has a hobby of reading fantasy novels or playing otome games when on break or vacation.

She sadly died by murder. Yes murder.. got reincarnated thanks to a devil. Gets transported to a fantasy novel and is the villainess of the world she got transported in. 

She didn't realize this until she went to the academy and saw the familiar school she saw in her otome games she played in her past life as Misha.

Determined to become the villainess, she started to act like one in order to be made as a commoner, determined to leave her life as a noble to find the demon and return home to Earth. With this in mind, she did everything she can to be hated by the love rivals to become a commoner and find the demon.

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