His Mistaken Mate (book 1)

His Mistaken Mate (book 1)

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His Name Is Conner Mathews, he's 17 years old. He has dark brown hair and gray eyes. 

He's the next in line for Alpha, his pack is the white moon pack. They're one of strongest packs in the world. 

he can only take the title when he finds his mate. but what happens when his mate is a boy? 

His Name Is Jay Parker, the beta's second born of the moonlight pack. Jay has jet black hair with blue gray eyes. 

BUT Jay is mistaken to be a boy, when in reality Jay is actually a girl. Her name is really Jamey but let's everyone believe she's a boy. 

Only Mike, Devin, Lucy and of course her parents along with her older brother Kyle know she's a girl. 

Mike & Devin are a gay couple to the human eyes, but are mates in everyone else's. 

Lucy is a like a sister to Jay. she lives with her in her house, Lucy has blonde hair and honey brown eyes.

what happens when Jay & Lucy meet their mates in the white moon pack?

Jay is stubborn and only takes order's from her alpha. Finds a way out of everything and anything. she's also vary smart, which means she can be a smart ass to. 

Lucy is more of the obey who ever yells at her, which makes Jay super protective when it comes to Lucy. She's an omega but her wolf isn't that small or defenseless. 

 what happens when Conner and Andrew think that Lucy & Jay are together? will they reject them and leave or still go after them? 

~* yes their is gay couples in this story, so stop reading if your against it. but those who don't have a problem with it, Mike & Devin will probably be the only gay couple on here. anyway I hope you'll like this story and if you have any suggestions please let me know nicely please. *~

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Cursed_Lovee Cursed_Lovee Jul 31, 2016
That's totally what i was thinking for someone who people think is a guy
urgreat01 urgreat01 Nov 22, 2016
Being real here never do that because it can cause your ribs to crack
Kiran-S Kiran-S Jul 30, 2016
When their mates reject them then they will know. Lucy should have waited for her mate.
gummybearCx gummybearCx Sep 14, 2016
"I bet you think I'm a guy " why would I think that if you don't even ....never mind -.-
name_is_tia17 name_is_tia17 May 31, 2015
How can she be mistaken for a boy unless she wears men's clothes?
belieber216 belieber216 Aug 29, 2014
Hahah I kissed a girl and I liked it the taste of her cheer Chapstick.