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Hetalia Country x Reader

Hetalia Country x Reader

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v-nikiforov By aph_americaaa Updated Oct 20, 2016

Hetalia country x reader including :  


Oh and 2ps.

DISCLAIMER : Himaruya Hidekaz owns Hetalia, not me. Pictures in each chapter belong to their rightful owners.

Forgive me if there are mistakes. English is my second language. 

Enjoy, fellow potatoes.

If you read this, you have jams.

MollyP22 MollyP22 4 days ago
I only wear mascara... it's way more preferred than lipstick, actually I'm ok with lipstick, I only like the dark ones though and I'm not allowed to wear them in public cough cough MOM!!!
FanGirlWeirdo FanGirlWeirdo Dec 31, 2016
I took the "laughed their eyeballs out" literally and I dont even know what life is anymore
Hazeleyedwolf Hazeleyedwolf Dec 10, 2016
TO ALL PEOPLE WONDERING IF THAT IS HIS MIDDLE NAME. Yes that is what a lot of people think, but there are also some people who think it stands for Franklin, which it might since (I don't think anyway) that he has a canon last name.
Pffft I would really like to say that
                              *has a Christmas party*
                              Iceland: Who did you invite?! The whole place is crowded!
                              Me: Uhhh the whole world
                              SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX
WaffleDevils WaffleDevils Dec 20, 2015
This is a massive undertaking, I wish you luck and baby seals on your journey.