Silent Heroes: Lone Wolf

Silent Heroes: Lone Wolf

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Carla By unbrokenworld Updated Apr 19, 2016

Six months ago, if someone had asked me to create a list of the things I was least likely to become, "shapeshifter" probably would have been near the top of that list, followed by something equally ludicrous like, I don't know, "superhero," maybe.  But, never in my wildest, most insane-asylum-worthy daydreams would I have imagined becoming both.

Of course, that was before all the craziness started.  Back when I thought I could still be something realistic and normal, like a doctor or a lawyer or an astrophysicist (all of which I had been seriously considering.)  That was before I found out I had abilities far beyond those of a normal human.  That was before the catastrophic incident that sent my life spiraling out of control and de-railed every one of my normal, every-day plans.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, here.  Maybe I should start at the beginning...

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What'd one cell say to the other when it hurt it's toe?
                              Get it! 
                              My toe sis
The way I'm just skipping through the chapter...I feel guilty
Aw man she dropped one of her biggest chances to ace the test!
Xunaria Xunaria Sep 19
Biology was the death of me, passed the class, yet failed every single test.
I get distracted by squirrels but I don't bark at them (yes, I can bark like a dog it's pretty easy)
SfNelson SfNelson Oct 11
Just finished book one a few minutes ago. I wish shifters were real...