Silent Heroes: Lone Wolf

Silent Heroes: Lone Wolf

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Carla By unbrokenworld Updated Apr 19, 2016

Six months ago, if someone had asked me to create a list of the things I was least likely to become, "shapeshifter" probably would have been near the top of that list, followed by something equally ludicrous like, I don't know, "superhero," maybe.  But, never in my wildest, most insane-asylum-worthy daydreams would I have imagined becoming both.

Of course, that was before all the craziness started.  Back when I thought I could still be something realistic and normal, like a doctor or a lawyer or an astrophysicist (all of which I had been seriously considering.)  That was before I found out I had abilities far beyond those of a normal human.  That was before the catastrophic incident that sent my life spiraling out of control and de-railed every one of my normal, every-day plans.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, here.  Maybe I should start at the beginning...

G-Luke56 G-Luke56 Jan 05
Wtf a gurl? I love girl led books, but I wanted to see a shifter guy get the spotlight.
MeowAna-chan MeowAna-chan Dec 29, 2016
EVE, HONEY! YES!...omg if this girl meets Eve, I am going to melt
SoWhat_If SoWhat_If 6 days ago
This can't be possible. A mother telling her child to stop studying?
mot_mot_13 mot_mot_13 Dec 13, 2016
SOMATIC CELLS...crap I have a test on that stuff this Friday...
MeowAna-chan MeowAna-chan Dec 29, 2016
Is she a procrastinator like me? Like.....leave all the work for the morning (last minute) and wake up at 4-5 am to get it done?
Bookwolf111 Bookwolf111 Dec 27, 2016
My gosh, if I got a B my parents would scold the every chance they got. You are lucky.