The Garden Witch

The Garden Witch

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Rhón By Pyrography Completed

This is the story of Roxy Sanderson, a good-natured young woman who finds love and magic in a beautifully quaint New England town.

An unwilling newcomer, Roxy has been forced to leave her friends and fast-paced city life to move into a small coastal community not found on any maps. Pleasant Town, as it's called, seems like a picture-perfect landscape of Americana. She marvels at the strange yet charming customs of the local townsfolk, the wholesome peculiarities of the place, and the wild-looking garden of an elderly, reclusive neighbor-a woman who town rumors say may be a witch.

Meanwhile, two attractive beaus have caught Roxy's eye: Vincent Richmont, the refined and immensely handsome son of bankers; and Jasper Hartley, a rugged, down-to-earth young woodworker, and heir to his grandfather's mysterious apothecary. Both young men offer Roxy a chance for romance, but each on very different terms. To choose between them, she must learn to trust her own good sense and fortitude, as well as the enchanting ways of love, wherever they may lead her.

In this spellbinding tale of beauty, youth, and sweet relationships, one girl works hard to find happiness in unexpected places.