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Teeth black as tar. Skin caked in white. A woman moves like a parasite in the endless night. 

Greta sees only in the colorless hues of silver and black on the faraway dying star, Ashta. Ashtium's source of light is kept hidden. Without it, the star's empirical city will fall into shadow. The empire's ruler, Adler, knows exactly when and how their star will die. 

Greta unknowingly joins in on helping the empire's twisted family heal alongside her newfound friend, Enoch. However, the colorblind "cat" in the emperor's courtyard never wished to be found.

Enoch, the empirical prince, tries his best to help the seemingly helpless and incompetent twenty-three-year-old woman. Inside the haven city, the deemed subhuman filth won't be greeted with open arms though...

Ashtium: Book 1