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I'm THAT Tomlinson Twin (One Direction/ 5 Seconds of Summer)

I'm THAT Tomlinson Twin (One Direction/ 5 Seconds of Summer)

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Dye By gemlikedye Updated 2 days ago

Louis has always liked my sister Celeste better than me, but I never understood why. I'm fed up with all of this, so why not just leave? I'm THAT Tomlinson Twin, the one who gets away from her problems. My name is Drew Tomlinson, and this is my story.

khionekai khionekai Jul 19, 2016
You hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces.
percyjcrazed percyjcrazed Mar 02, 2016
Omg for a second o thought it said he's a stalker and I was like what the heck is this and then I realised lol
whoops_hello_there whoops_hello_there Mar 26, 2016
This just broke my heart my little fangirl heart it now broken😢😢
InsecureEmo InsecureEmo Jun 13, 2016
Fathermucker, I thought it was Jack Finnegan Gilinsky *inserts sheepish smile*
boyergirl101 boyergirl101 Jan 05, 2016
is this like an Anna and Elsa kind of thing and she's gonna start singing her own version of do you wanna build a snowman
smolbutsalty smolbutsalty Aug 08, 2015
I know how she feels my bro is always in the computer those days