The Marked Mate | #Wattys2017

The Marked Mate | #Wattys2017

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It's either Blood or New Moon when the Alpha shows up to pick his potential mate. To bring us to his cave, and test us to see if we're worthy enough, by the highest test of all, his pleasure. 

But if we don't satisfy well enough, or if we aren't his true mate, he grows angry, and kills us in the cave. 

The Tombstone Cave is what it's well known for us in the female pack.

It's a dangerous game he's started, but it's worth the risk to us. To become Omega of the Pack and rule with him is what we've all strived for. 

The girls here are desperate, but me? I've never been to any of his Moon's. I refuse to, since it made no sense to me. So far, everyone has been killed by his hand, but of course, they all keep going with a sense of false bravery 

And now, years later, I am forced to attend at least one moon...

Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 15, 2016
Oh god. You could've given him like a sexy high five or something. That was awkward...
LoveBunny1144 LoveBunny1144 Jun 28, 2016
Why would someone put their life in danger for a few seconds of that particular activity
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 15, 2016
Are you guys really here to get a one night stand and die?! Damn
Eleabear Eleabear May 08, 2015
You were all there to do stuff with a random (probably STD infested) guy, why is she a slut for doing it?