The Marked Mate ©

The Marked Mate ©

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The Werewolf Profile By DrugInfluencd Updated Apr 25

The Alpha of Wolves shows up once a month, when the moon shines brightest, to pick a she-wolf from the female pack and test them with the highest test of all: his pleasure. 

Young, inbred-human to wolf Hannah has never attended the Alpha's Moon's for years. Watching her sisters one by one be taken with a false courage, and never come back home. 

But when Alpha begins to have a strange, and weirdly unhealthy, interest in her, Hannah's life turns for the worst. Causing a string of events to unfold between her own female pack, the Alpha, and the opposing faction; the decade upon decade enemies of the wolves... 

The Lion Pride of the East.

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Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 15, 2016
Oh god. You could've given him like a sexy high five or something. That was awkward...
LoveBunny1144 LoveBunny1144 Jun 28, 2016
Why would someone put their life in danger for a few seconds of that particular activity
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 15, 2016
Are you guys really here to get a one night stand and die?! Damn
Eleabear Eleabear May 08, 2015
You were all there to do stuff with a random (probably STD infested) guy, why is she a slut for doing it?