Burning Gods And Wicked Angels

Burning Gods And Wicked Angels

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Denise By darvruni Updated 2 days ago

"Only she can make him rise again."

Amelia Endor, a determined small town girl sets out on a quest to find out what happened to her beloved sister. Travelling to London she is catapulted into a new, unknown world that threatens her life and her only chance of safety lies in the mysterious antique store owner Mister Noble, the last person to see her sister Sophia alive. Can she trust the handsome stranger to tell the truth or will he be her downfall?

Mister Noble chuckled darkly, his long fingers were stroking the peeling gold lettering of the decrepit book tenderly and very softly, like a Mother would her child's head to comfort it after a fright. He opened it ever so carefully, the fragile old pages reminded me of delicate snowflakes, touch them for too long and they would be gone, forever erased. 

The dim light in the antique store seemed to make the man's features look softer than they were, full lips and high cheekbones, his long eyelashes, framing his eyes of darkest brown.
He appeared lost in the torrid abyss of the past, like he was forever tormented by a history that could not be undone. Shackled by memories, unable to move. A caged animal, that was waiting for his wildness to roar again. 
I drank in his appearance, fascinated by the unknown and terrifying man in front of me. 

"Do you want to take a picture, it will last longer." Raising an eyebrow, he lets the book fall closed, placing it firmly back in the wooden shelve, leaving a now prominently musty smell in the air. 

Finally he turned around to face me. I had waited for this opportunity all evening. 
My fists were clenched tightly, but I barely noticed the way my nails were digging ferociously into the palms of my sweaty hands. 
I felt the tension and anxiety build up in my body as I stared at him, my mind full of a hundred questions, yet there was only one that mattered in this instance. 

"Did you kill my sister?" 

© darvruni, 2018

Cover by the amazing @Ruonaa ❤️
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faithodulesi faithodulesi 6 days ago
Oh sweet lord, Way to leave the readers in suspense,, rings of applause are what you deserve
racsen21 racsen21 Jan 13
The atmosphere generated is amazing, and that question at the end there builds so much suspense
Arianna_1204 Arianna_1204 3 days ago
Your writing 😫😭 girl why doesn’t this have more views???? I’m seriously shocked right now 😍😭
faithodulesi faithodulesi 6 days ago
I know that feeling, I can totally relate... Nobody understands
awesomeSTG awesomeSTG 6 days ago
"I thought flash photography scared animals?" —would've been the sweetest reply, lol.
faithodulesi faithodulesi 6 days ago
Nicely put too... With the description, one can clearly picture what he actually looks like Even without a character aesthetics