Bullied by team crafted fan fic (book 1)

Bullied by team crafted fan fic (book 1)

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16 year old Jade has a drunken mother, an unforgivible dad and five guys bullying her so what happends when shes forced to live with one .And what will happend when 
she grows a crush on one will she continue to live her life with the boys killing her inside or will she take a stand and not let anything get in her way.

Book 2:Life as Nerdy (team crafted fan fiction)

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MiMiChan24 MiMiChan24 Jan 30
If you love the uk I'm sorry but from someone who was born there, I hate it, my life is terrible, it has waaaaay to many people (yes I'm shy) I rlly want to live somewhere else.
Victi_chan Victi_chan Sep 07, 2016
I literally just had to change feet to centimeters because I'm European AF XD
Then in the comments everyone Is correcting Mitch's name and it is actually weird they know his full name
EmoPukachi EmoPukachi Jul 02, 2016
YAY NO CENSORING THE CURSING! I'm not being sarcastic dood. Seriously I'm really happy cuz everyone blocks out the curse words so. YAY!
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I hate it when people stop eating it really bothers me like ALOT
GatheringFire88 GatheringFire88 Jun 10, 2016
I don't know if I should laugh or feel offended since Jason is my favorite