[•MATURE || Jimin FF] Seductive Girl

[•MATURE || Jimin FF] Seductive Girl

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red troll sinkirs By sinkirs_ Updated 5 days ago

The lil' shy boy Jimin meets his seductive roomie, Y/n. What else could I say? Maybe some mystery.

Gets dirtier each chapter.

Jimin x Reader

Out on YouTube.
YouTube channel: •sinkirs

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If there are any other stories that seem similar to mine, then it is pure coincidence. Also, please don't rewrite or copy my stuff asdfghjkl

Every episode will include mature content, so obviously this is not for kids. For something bigger, a warning will show in the chapter name.

This story have characters based on real people, but I have no intentions to ridicule or mock them. Every thing this fiction contains are purely from my imagination.

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every choice i've ever made in my life led me to read this one line in  a fanfic
duhitstaev duhitstaev Jan 05
Idk man my lemons sized are preety squishy I'll give you that
mochiju mochiju 2 days ago
Annoying bitch but i have to pretend to be her friend: hey! wanna join me for lunch?
                              Me: oh sure!
                              Oh my fu-
Umm i personally like mine! It means king since the king was such a playboy!
hilaurennicole hilaurennicole Dec 31, 2018
More like “no one can ever say my last name correctly so I don’t tell people it.”