One Last Kiss[Seventeen Mingyu ff]

One Last Kiss[Seventeen Mingyu ff]

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Chapter 1: Goodbye


Normal P.O.V.

" Mornin', guys~!" A beautiful brunette said as she walked to her classroom. 

" Hi, ________!" her classmates said all together. 

After she took her seat a voice called her. " G'morning, ________", said a certain silver-haired boy. 

" Good morning to you too, Mingyu-oppa!", ________ gleefully told her best friend, her heart beating faster than usual.

Truth is she has always had liked him ever since they met.

" Uhh... ________ can we meet at the park tomorrow, I actually have to tell you something.", said the boy, his cheeks tinted with pink.

" Sure! What time do we meet up?", the girl asked. " 11 o'clock." " Okay then."


Mingyu's P.O.V.

'Tomorrow will be the day I tell her how I feel about her, I can't wait! I hope she'll accept my feelings.' I thought just before I fell asleep.


I woke up with a yawn and stretched my arms. I checked the time it was 8:01 in the morning. ...

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