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Guns and Stilettos

Guns and Stilettos

288K Reads 7K Votes 34 Part Story
Red By ProjectPsycho Completed

"I am not afraid of being imprisoned for my entire life. I don't even shiver by the thought of dying. I am not afraid of those people who are bigger and stronger than me. But there's one thing that scares me, and that's for you to leave me. So please, Iris, stay with me. Stay with me, baby, so I can be invincible."

Meet Irisveil "Iris" Guevarra, a 24 year-old spy, that always gets the attention of everyone for capturing the country's most wanted criminals. She is well-known and respected because she had earned it. But she never did once showed her face on National TV. It was too dangerous for her. It was all going fine until Victoria "Tori" Valmont escaped. Tori is now at large and is pretty hard to handle. Iris is smart, but this one's more smarter, more precise, and more clever. Tori has a lot of tricks on her sleeves, that's why Iris made her fall for her and pretended as her lover. She persuaded her, lied to her, and even made love to her, to send her back to prison. But what if Iris finds herself falling for the enemy? Will she set aside her pride and give this love a chance? Or will she betray Victoria and do the right thing?

gabsycool gabsycool Jan 30, 2016
Can you please write an english version for this story?
                              That will be awesome!
Cursed_Prince15 Cursed_Prince15 Mar 28, 2016
hahaha almost all of the reader of this story cannot understand filipino language ! this is an awesome story!
KellyAmy96 KellyAmy96 Oct 17, 2016
So this story is written In Filipino and then English translations?
3KhaliHoudini4 3KhaliHoudini4 Dec 24, 2015
Why can't there be a warning sign that stories are for other languages other than English omg! This is the fourth story that sounded really good, but turned out being for viewers of a different language. :(
Acepup Acepup Nov 02, 2015
Ermahgerd I love the prologue and I'd probably love the story too if I understood every word T-T I love these storylines
morelikeareadinglist morelikeareadinglist Apr 29, 2015
I may sound stupid but why is there parts with another language  and parts in English?