Becoming Who I'm Not

Becoming Who I'm Not

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Valeria By ValeriaAaron Updated May 03, 2012

Young love is so sweet. Couples are holding hands under the sweet bask of the moonlight. They sit on the porch talking as a light goes on, signifying their few hours apart. No, I have nothing against young love.

No, it's the people who are ruining it that makes me sad. I'll admit, I am not a romantic. But that doesn't make it any more better that people like Adrian are going around and playing all the girls! We are definitely not some pieces that he can move on that evil little board called his life.

So, feisty me kept my proper distance away from player Adrian Palmer as it should be. Minds like ours should not be collided or it will be dangerously lethal.

I'm confusing you, aren't I? Well let's start out with the fact that my best friend, Almira, thinks that Adrian is is her soul mate. She's one of the romanticists. Of course I had to be supportive after a while, a moment without disdain led her to believe that I jumped on the Adrian bandwagon!

Enough with the preword. Here's a tale of how my life got utterly, totally, shipwrecked.

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Thatimperfectchick Thatimperfectchick Mar 13, 2011
this seems like an interesting concept
                              i like how you put in so much detail
                              it helps recreate the scene in the readers eye
                              ps- i posted in your forum
leannerosecooper leannerosecooper Mar 13, 2011
It's really good, I like how you are describing everything with lots of detail. I really got into the story so please upload soon, also I love how she is not one of those sort of girls that believe in fairytales, happy endings and being with the perfect boy. She is normal. (; 
                              Voted, Leannee <3