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Blue is the Color of Happiness (HXH)

Blue is the Color of Happiness (HXH)

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初心忘るべからず By faufaren Completed

This story does not have a description. What, did you think I would actually take the time to write one for you? Pffft. Silly, I just got out of an asylum. I've got things to do, parents to kill, police to escape, an exam to take, important things like that...

Story will follow the 2011 version before branching off to its own story line. Warning: gore, violence, language. I do not own Hunter X Hunter, but I reserve all rights to my original character. 

[Status: Abandoned, incomplete. Currently being rewritten under the name of 'Bless Us All (HXH)']

Book cover credits to myself.

AmarunaMyu AmarunaMyu Mar 09
I read in one book on how someone's parents were murdered. A KHR FF I guess? His mum was bent and skinned and raped and eyeball gouged. The dad... urgh... Bleh...
MinCh3rii MinCh3rii Apr 12
I'm rereading this again 
                              Bless us all (*Ahem* the reference) that this book is still alive
MinCh3rii MinCh3rii Apr 12
I sense the improvement of your writing 
                              Bless us all was amazingly terrible for the heart 
                              I love how you wrote this book too 
                              UGH their both Sooo good
AmarunaMyu AmarunaMyu Mar 09
During WWII (although I love japan) the used a hose and downed water into Singaporean victims till their stomach was bloated, pressed and rolled a plank on their bloated stomach till blood flowed out from their brains. This is what school teaches me. Legit. History lesson. Hope my facts are wrong
MamaBunnie MamaBunnie Feb 08
I read this in a high-pitched robotic voice going "I'm FRREEEEEEEEEEEE! ~"
hey guys tell me. why is this funny to me... I don't know whats wrong with me today... TwT