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Blue is the Color of Happiness (HXH)

Blue is the Color of Happiness (HXH)

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初心忘るべからず By faufaren Completed

This story does not have a description. What, did you think I would actually take the time to write one for you? Pffft. Silly, I just got out of an asylum. I've got things to do, parents to kill, police to escape, an exam to take, important things like that...

Story will follow the 2011 version before branching off to its own story line. Warning: gore, violence, language. I do not own Hunter X Hunter, but I reserve all rights to my original character. 

[Status: Abandoned, incomplete. Currently being rewritten under the name of 'Bless Us All (HXH)']

Book cover credits to myself.

You... you just saw someone regenerate their head... and your just gonna leave like you see it everyday... ok...
Normally I would say that this level of imagination is overkill, but... WE LOVE YOU LOCK AND IF NEED BE WE (well, most of us) WOULD ADOPT YOU AND BE WAY BETTER PARENTS THAN THOSE LITTLE SH*TS
                              Just pls don't kill us
This must be my millionth time reading this -- along with everyone else. We should make a Lock fanclub.
Yeah, because that huge cut you just got on your cheek totally fits that 'unscathed' part. 
                              ...COME HERE CHILD, YOU NEED LOVE.
Wow, everyone here hates Lock's parents so much.
                              ...AS DO I LET'S MURDER THOSE BITCHES