My Love

My Love

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Natalia By NataliaIsNautilus Completed

Alec starts a relationship with Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brooklyn after the unlikely but fateful night when he is dragged to a party by his siblings and Clary and the other mundane Alec doesn't care enough about to remember his name. Alec doesn't know about it now but his life will never be the same. Magnus makes Alec feel alive in ways he's never felt before and Alec can't help but fall deeper in love with Magnus. But then, so many things have happened that threaten to tear them apart. Alec knows that his relationship won't be accepted. But will Alec chose Magnus over everything? Even when the stakes are high, the choices are hard and nothing is ever good and evil? 

Magnus Bane instantly falls for Alexander Lightwood, the first person he has truly felt love for in centuries. What he doesn't know is that all of his past, what he's worked so hard to cover up and forget will be brought to back to the light. When his life just seems to be going right, he's got Alexander Lightwood as his boyfriend and a job protecting his people, he gets the first visit at the Institute telling him that the peace in his life was over, and then a visit from three friends that he only sees when things go wrong and then everything is thrown around and his hopes of keeping his history to himself is over. Will Magnus be able to keep Alec as his boyfriend or will all of his past mistakes ruin yet another thing? Will Magnus be able to use his past to his advantage or will the pain consume him? And what happens when Greater Demons come into the mix?

Will Malec stand the test of hardships and time?

Find out in My Love.  

Many characters and places are owned by Cassandra Clare. There are some characters, places and the plot is mine. Cover art is doesn't by @IAmSage88