Faded Memories (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Faded Memories (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

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Mekal † By kissandkill Updated Dec 26, 2013

Justin...Lauren...The town's favorite sweethearts. They were always together, so much people believed that they were more than just friends. All of that starts to fade as soon as Justin migrates to a new territory where he can further his music career-thanks to getting discovered. Two words: BIG MISTAKE. He leaves behind a torn best friend- whom he had not told he was moving, and not to mention he leaves that special part of him. He leaves Lauren.

Time passes, they force  themselves to not think of the other, pulling themselves into believing the friendship they had was just an elementary school one. Justin moves on, gets thrown into the fast lane of Hollywood. Lauren stays in her hometown for a month then moves to the United States in order to banish her ex friend from her mind. 

They both thought they would get rid of the memories they shared together even though it was proving to be increasingly hard as time passed. 

However they meet again. 
Will the two resent each other or mature and do what's best? 

What happens when the closest of friends turn out to be the most evil of enemies? Tie all of those aspects along with life challengies, a weird stalker trying to get Justin's attention causing harm and not to mention Lauren's so call friend is not who he seems...

Romance, Mystery, Suspense and gunt wrenching cliff hangers would have you in for the daring ride. Hop on if you dare and find out in:

Faded Memories ( A Justin Bieber Love Story)

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RamenTalk RamenTalk Aug 19, 2012
This is so tender! I love stories where there's a good back story and not just some random love that happens in two chapters! Well thought out, well writter. Two thumbs up my friends
broskigirlz broskigirlz Aug 18, 2012
Thanks I just thought it would be nice to point it out, but anyways I love your story!!!!
ErinLovell-Oliphant ErinLovell-Oliphant Aug 17, 2012
Thanks I think your writing is great so you can fill that in with a really cute joke that will have us all laughing out loud :)
kissandkill kissandkill Aug 17, 2012
@ErinLovell-Oliphant I agree, and I'm sorry..:( I'll edit it right now!
kissandkill kissandkill Aug 17, 2012
@broskigirlz Sorry,I didnt mean to offend anyone by saying this. I saw it one of my favorite Disney shows 'Hannah Montana' and just added it in.So sorry.I'll edit it now.Thanks for pointing it out because I actually never realized how offensive it could come across. Thanks again!
ErinLovell-Oliphant ErinLovell-Oliphant Aug 17, 2012
Love the story but the fat people joke was not needed for the story and wasn't really funny you could have done something more creative than picking on overweight people