Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, LGBT Fantasy)

Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, LGBT Fantasy)

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Pandouro By pandouro Updated Aug 19

The daughter of a wealthy baron, Kanna Rava has enjoyed privilege far beyond that of most of her impoverished countrymen. Torn abruptly from that life by a twist of fate--and politics--she finds herself sold into slavery by the central government and thrust into the hands of Goda Brahm, the cold and mysterious woman who is tasked with escorting her to her new master. 

Barely over the culture shock of being dragged to the other side of the continent, into a world where women marry other women and a class of priestesses are worshiped like gods, Kanna slowly discovers both the hidden conspiracy that led to her enslavement and the terrible secret that lies behind Goda's icy demeanor.

An allegory about free will, resisting fate, and being an outsider.

  • allegory
  • dystopia
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  • femslash
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