Yes I Do

Yes I Do

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Mere By XxgothicgirlxX Updated Aug 13, 2016

"Like what you see, babe?" he smirked at me.

"How about you, like what you see?" I replied to him while raising my eyebrow.

"Yeah I like what I see." He stated smugly.

"Well I don't." I lied.  I then turn my back and went to my friends, who by the way are giggling like maniacs.

"I know you're lying!" he shouted.

"Whatever." I shouted back.

 Meet Alyssa Summers, the confident, fun loving girl, but has a heart like a rock. Now meet Chase Knight the resident bad boy and player, uses girls like girls' uses tissue after a break up also rumored to be part of a gang. Is he the right guy to have the keys to unlock her heart, or is he gonna be the one who'll put up more walls to her heart?

*cover by : SurroundedByThorns

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