Back from the dead (Fairy Tail/NaLu fanfic) [On going]

Back from the dead (Fairy Tail/NaLu fanfic) [On going]

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Christelle's NaLu channel By The_NaLu_Lover Updated Feb 23, 2020

(Sequel to "An abused life")

A year has passed since Lisanna's resurrection and Lucy's death and everyone has forgotten about her existence. That's until Lisanna asked them a simple question...

"Say everyone? If I'm correct, I died 5 years ago... So how am I alive now?"

Their eyes widened as the memories of their actions came back to them. They were all depressed again but what they didn't know was that the mysterious man was watching them. From the beginning. 

One night, Natsu has a dream... Well.. More like a nightmare... A nightmare where he saw what had happened to Lucy after Lisanna came back to life. 

Day after day, Lucy starts to appear more and more, and each time, he would see how much she's actually suffering.. And each time, she would ask him something that tears him apart..
"Forget me Natsu... Completely... Just like what you did the past year..."

Guilt and regret is everything he feels.


What happens when Natsu puts all the pieces together and discovers the message Lucy has been trying to send him?

Will he be able to save her before the ultimate sacrifice is made? Or will he fail her and let her die for the hundredth time, causing the actual end of the world?

And even if he do save her, wouldn't he be forgetting something that would cause her death even after saving her?

That's for you to find out on : Back from the dead!

Hey everyone! So this is the sequel to "An abused life"! I hope you like it! 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Fairy Tail! Hiro Mashima does!

Warning: This story is rated mature for strong language, sexuality (a little tiny bit), death and blood and blah blah blah (same as "An abused life")