The Prom Queen's Sidekick

The Prom Queen's Sidekick

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Lovella By bellaPiiink Updated Apr 16

My name is Madison Garner. But if you call me that, you won't see the sun shine tomorrow. So I go by Dee, instead. My mom picked my name, though my dad tried to stop her but she insisted.

     Anyway, my best friend is Kendra Byrnes. You could say she's the most perfect girl in the whole world, and I wouldn't stop you. Everybody just likes her. She's Prom Queen, she's pretty, she's kind, she's a true lady and whenever she smiles, everybody stops and stares for a while. I might have gotten the last part from a Bruno Mars song but it really describes her.

     I couldn't be compared to her. I practically look like a huge barbecue stick when I stand beside her. I'm too tall, my eyes are too wide, my lips are too big, and- well, I don't want to make myself sound ugly to you so I'll just stop. The thing is, I'm not pretty like Kendra and ever since we were five, I lived under her shadow.

     So when this guy called me beautiful one day after Prom, I completely lost it. It changed my whole life - for the better or for worse, I don't know.

Right I'm ashamed that I'm so tall
                              5'8 or 5'7 at age 12 shameful *sigh*
Reader_not_writer13 Reader_not_writer13 Jun 24, 2016
OK that's not right to be taller then the boys on the basketball team but ok not gonna judge
Chinaisbae123 Chinaisbae123 Mar 28, 2016
Can we please let Dee become the beautiful one and Kendra can become the supportive character😡😡😡
blue_razzberry blue_razzberry Oct 17, 2016
When is say the everybody stops and stares for a while, I started to sing the song
Kiran-S Kiran-S Dec 01, 2015
I hate guys who ask a girl out just so they can get close to her friend and ask her out instead. It's wrong playing with the girls feelings just because your interested in her friend. I think Madison should have been Prom Queen and at least she could have danced with Frank,