The Pain Of Rejection-under heavy editing

The Pain Of Rejection-under heavy editing

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Knights By I-Am-Ariiiii Completed

pain, heart broken, devastated, anger. those were the things that I felt when he rejected me. the mate who I wished to have rejected me.   Elizabeth  Adams doesn't remember what happened when she was young. all she knows is running away in the forest, being taken by a pack and treated like a slave, an omega, a weakling, nothing but a nobody.  beaten, abused, rejected. the things she got used to for ten years of her stay in the pack.......  she thought she can take it all.....she thought she can take the pain and hold it in. 

until she felt the pain of rejection....  trying to make a new start, a life with a real pack life and happiness. she thought this was enough. but she never expected people trying to get her. ripped between happiness, family, love, responsibility, friendship and hate.  with so all those things that she has. she can pick which one she wants to be with but they all want her......but the problem is....  she can only choose one.

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XxLovingMaidenxX XxLovingMaidenxX Jun 21, 2016
Well that escalated quickly! Never seen a werewolf story like this... JK I have
callme_addy callme_addy Jan 05
If i was in her place, my brother would be buried 9ft under before planing on trading me as an omega
Im_more_than_insane Im_more_than_insane Aug 22, 2016
Just you wait little alpha just you wait *giggles creeply* oh just you wait
Kawaii_Gamer123450 Kawaii_Gamer123450 Oct 20, 2016
Damn.... Seriously?!?! Why do these popular ppl in the stories even like sluts?!? They r just clingy, a total pain in the ašš, a bîtch, and so on! Damn
toopsy-bae toopsy-bae Feb 09
If she takes him back at the end of this book, i don't care what his excuse is.... I'll  seriously lose it !!!! Like completely😣😣😣😣😈
Gr8Job_youTrash Gr8Job_youTrash Sep 14, 2015
Well....I, roche kiara santiago hate you for eternity cause of your stupidness