A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years

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Who knew such a small word could change the course of someone's whole life - and your own? Hermione Granger has always been anything but ordinary. Draco Malfoy has always been anything but good. Gryffindor and Slytherin have always been enemies. Can an unexpected twist of events annihilate everything they have ever known? 

"I love you, Draco Malfoy."

He glanced down at his pale hands. "The question is, for how long?"

"A thousand years."

-saltyshima -saltyshima May 31
U WOT M8?!
                              ARE YOU ASKING FOR A DEATH WISH?
                              Voldemort, please, do the honors.
                              Voldy: Avada Kedavra!
                              Me: Good, NOW ROT IN HELL SLIMY GIT
Congratulations Ronald, you have just surpassed Voldemort and Snape in one sentence. They both died. Want to know what will happen to you?
- - May 28
Draco go comfort her so it will be the beginning of Dramione
Hey you can be one of the things that snape , Dumbledore , nymphadora , and fred are .   " what's that " dead "ok bye then hope t- "      "avada kadavra" I am calm. I am tranquility . I have spent the last few minutes writing this comment. I am ...
He's making his way towards the Umbridge spectrum of villains and evil characters
Somebody needs to rip Rons sausage off for saying that. Like who says that to their best friend?