Evil of Residence.

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Gayle By GaylesintheTardis Updated 5 years ago
When four S.T.A.R.S. police officers are trapped in a historic mansion, containing horrendous zombie's. These four almost enemies have to work together to find out the secrets that unreal in this historic mansion. 
I'm sorry but this is really terribly written. The plots seems great but... no. You're too blunt and horrible at this, you make everyone seem like a bitch or stupid. :/ sorry.
OMG!! I LOVE Resident Evil this story is AWSOME PLZ PLZ WRITE MORE!!
i love your sense of humor! ha ha! you make me laugh! please keep posting! :)) 
microsoft word spell check!
                                    i use it and if i didn't i'd b doomed!
lol, I think your writing is hilarious, it's really good! keep up the good work girl.
LOVE IT!!!! there is just enough humor in it! Only I would say is that there are a few punctuation mistakes, but other then that: PERFECT!!!!! keep writing! you got my vote!