♔TheRoyal & TheRebel۞(Jelsa|FanFic) [Editing]

♔TheRoyal & TheRebel۞(Jelsa|FanFic) [Editing]

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Elsa Clarizze Menzel an ordinary princess of Arendelle. She's goofy, well-determined, random and very, well, hot headed gal? It's her first day of college and she can't wait to meet new friends and classmates; although she's a princess, her high school life is boring, it's their palace were she studied middle school. Her college life is almost perfect, Until she met a rebel, her jerk classmate that keeps teasing her and calling her 'babycakes'. Jack Overland Frost, the first born son of the richest guy in the world, Manny Overland Frost. Some says: He had many girlfriends, or so called as a cassanova, he's a rebel, very handsome that girls could GO CRAZY ON HIM, a genius and clever one.

Elsa realizes jack is not a bad rebel. He's just facing difficult times between his family and love problems. Elsa wants to help jack, So they made a deal. (Spoiler alert!) Is elsa really wants to help jack because she want to stop the teasing thing by the rebel or she will end up falling inlove with jack?
Read and join their journey of the royal and the jerk rebel , who hated each other at first, but they learn to cherish and love each other eventhough they're on a tough life.  

Would the royal and rebel have an happy ending between the problem they are facing?

This is a romantic comedy with a twist that will made you laugh hard on the floor, comfort room? bedroom, living room, etcetera!

Rêäd this BØÔK 'n FÎND ÔUT! xD

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Maplesyrup4 Maplesyrup4 Nov 06, 2017
I'm perfectly fine with hiccstrid it's just that they portray Astrid as some bitch in other books so then I prefer Merricup but when Astrid is perfectly normal then Hiccstrid here I come!!!
Bitch_beach_bacon Bitch_beach_bacon Oct 11, 2017
Ouch!! *slaps her with my gloves* fishes are not for slapping people
XColleenBrockX XColleenBrockX Jul 02, 2016
Me:*slapped by a fish* Ow!
                              Elsa: *smirks* 
                              Me: *pops knuckles* 
                              Me: don't do that ever...EVER AGAIN *slaps elsa with a shark tale* 
                              Elsa: *rans and cries*
96bluediamond125 96bluediamond125 Jul 15, 2016
No sh*t Sherlock ; if you and your sister are princesses of arendelle then it obvious that your parent are the king and queen of the same kingdom!
Fantasy_Dreamland Fantasy_Dreamland Dec 01, 2015
lol this would be me if I was a princess queen of thug life lol jk I will be fun crazy cool and I bit mean
NashKass NashKass Sep 04, 2015
hi i would like to know if your pure english if not pls tell me your language and great story it is not boring though love ya bye snow lovers