One Geek, Six Guys and A Whole Summer

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Nikita By alwayslovingSHINee Updated a month ago
((Previously 1 Geek and a House Full of Hot Guys... Hmmm Well This Could be Interesting.))
    Nerdy in appearance including big black glasses? Check. Top of the class? Check. Bullied? Check. 
    Eilsa Summers is all of these things, yet it doesn't phase her. Having lived with it through her high school years, Eilsa no longer cares about the bullying or taunting because of her appearance and grades. Instead she just brushes it off. 
    When school finally ends for the summer, Eilsa is hoping to have a relaxing couple months before having to go back. She believes her wish has come true when she is informed on the last day that her parents are going away for their long awaited honeymoon, but she is soon told she has to stay with a family friend.
    When she arrives she finds it gets even worse when she is told that the family friend actually has to go as well and she will be left under the care of his six sons. 
    Relaxing holiday? She thinks not. Time to herself? Once again no. Six hot guys with nothing to do? Well there is a bit of an upside there. 
    How will she cope?
One vote away from having 100 votes. Dx I hate uneven numbers
I just started reading this since, well I don't know I was curious... And I really love it... I like all the stories you write and I'll support you with any story that you'll write. I'm just so proud of you and all your accomplishments Nikita xx
is this story complete? plz say yes cuz i wanna read this story veryyy badly but im scared if its not complete and i know it is a nice story so i will feel like killing u!
@susan135 actually maybe you can. Like at the end of an update, for an author's note, you can tell everyone that you're going to change the title so they won't get confused or something
I really don't mean to sound rude or anything, or insult you, but if your title was shorter and catchy, maybe your book would grab more attention from wattpadderss. Just trying to help (: I think your story's great so keep it up (:
You haven't updated in a longgggg time and I'm dying to know what happens please update sooooon!!!!!!