Petals In The Wind (Kakashi Love Story)

Petals In The Wind (Kakashi Love Story)

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Colette By Colette_Storm Updated Oct 18, 2014

Michiko "Storm" Misumi  Village: Leaf/Shadow (You'll understand later)  Hair: Black  Eyes: Electric blue  Kekkei genkai: Her eyes turn the color of deep purple. She can make people feel pain just by looking into their eyes with it activated. Both emotional and physical. It also increases her senses.  Wears: Tight black tank top that ends just under her breasts with tight black pants. She also wears fingerless gloves and wears her ninja headband in her hair kinda like Sakura.


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She's like sasuke's personality but if you get to know her better or deep inside she's sweet, kind but quite...
9304amn 9304amn Jul 26, 2017
Finally someone makes a character with Black hair and blue eyes!
LightOfRaspberry LightOfRaspberry Dec 07, 2017
Long wavy Mdnight black that reaches her torso, she usually ties it in a braid
Long pitch black hair a little wavy that reaches her knees and one small braid on the side of her her like Lilith asami's hair on Trinity seven
LightOfRaspberry LightOfRaspberry Dec 07, 2017
Light green that is emphasize with her long black eyes lashes and average thick eyebrows.
LightOfRaspberry LightOfRaspberry Dec 07, 2017
Enchance Release, She can enchance anything such as life force or even the sharpness of wind gusts or the strength of waves. The signs that her Kekkei Genkai is awken is when white streaks appear in her hair