Petals In The Wind (Kakashi Love Story)

Petals In The Wind (Kakashi Love Story)

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Colette By Colette_Storm Updated Oct 18, 2014

Michiko "Storm" Misumi  Village: Leaf/Shadow (You'll understand later)  Hair: Black  Eyes: Electric blue  Kekkei genkai: Her eyes turn the color of deep purple. She can make people feel pain just by looking into their eyes with it activated. Both emotional and physical. It also increases her senses.  Wears: Tight black tank top that ends just under her breasts with tight black pants. She also wears fingerless gloves and wears her ninja headband in her hair kinda like Sakura.


I own only my OC's and warning: There are quite a few author notes.

Her eyes turn red with lines and circles that connect and what it does is it paralyzes the body and has the ability to stop the and heart and any body part permanently or temporarily
giraffelrh- giraffelrh- Apr 03
Lotusgan (idk) eyes turn white with black lotus outline,kinda like the sharingan but can copy other kekkei genkai and summon dragons at her will
Is serious looking on the outside but on the inside she's dying of laughter and is kind and sweet after her clan died she's become emotionless on the outside her best friend is a tiger named Cookie because of what she look like
KuroKami KudoOchi (Her first name is pronounced Ku- row- Kami and the last name is pronounced Kuu-dough-Oh-chi)
giraffelrh- giraffelrh- Apr 03
Kinda like sasuke but a little nicer,will be sarcastic and bottle up her emotions alot,dislikes sakura,will do anything for her team mates,was lonely at a young age and hated by her clan because of the 11-tailed Dragon that was sealed inside of her
Luna9911 Luna9911 Jan 23
Tsuki Shain = Moon Shine
                              She can control all the elements and use all jitsu's on a normal basis and her kekkei gakai lets her control people and animals.