Remnants of You

Remnants of You

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the lotus child By thelotuschild Updated Apr 05, 2019

A well-known fashion designer student, Irene, married her long time girlfriend Kang Seulgi. Their marriage was pretty normal just like the others. There were times they fought, but they keep running back to each other's arms. Before they got married, Irene commited a sin that people thought its unforgivable. But Seulgi welcomed her back with open arms. They both love each other deeply. One cannot even function properly when they are away from each other. 

One day, they have to overcome this problem again, when Irene got accepted from a famous fashion company of her dreams in the States. She has to fly away and work away from her family. Seulgi has to give up her long time job as a public speaker, who travels the world, so she can take care of their four year old daughter Seulhyun, for a year. 

Seulgi has no choice. It's her wife's dream job. She have to let go hers so her wife can have a career too. 

Things went well until Seulgi's doctor, Joy, discover something abnormal to Seulgi's body. The speaker's world went upside down. She decided to swallow everything, keep things only to herself, and never ever tell her wife about this. Both have even broke up. Both have even decided to separate apart. 

But they aren't secrets that aren't unravel. 

How will Irene react after she will discover Seulgi's disease?

Will Seulgi keep things only to herself forever? 

Will they have a happily ever after?