The Girl Everybody Hates

The Girl Everybody Hates

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T22isabella By T22isabella Updated 2 days ago

She is the bad girl. 

He is the good boy. 

She is wild, misunderstood and hated. 

He is tamed, appreciated and loved.

He got heart broken and she comforted him.

Everybody hated her. 

But he didnt.


Abigail Madison is the girl everybody hates. She wants friends but no one wants to be near her. They are too afraid of getting connected with a daughter of a gang leader. 

William Gonzaga is the boy everybody loves. He is the quarter back of their school and is loved by all. Everyone is friends with him.

But when Will finds out he is being cheated by his girlfriend with his best friend. He starts to stop trusting people. 

Abigail and Will are paired to do a project for their Music class. They start to know each other for who they are and not what people say they are.

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TheShadow7503 TheShadow7503 Dec 02, 2018
I'm not condoning the cheating but his best friend and girl friend are stupid. Why would they do it against his locker out in the open?
snorkadork11 snorkadork11 Dec 04, 2018
Very nice!  Just a few mistakes here and there (grammar, punctuation, etc.) but I liked it!
_Elphy_ _Elphy_ Dec 05, 2018
I liked how this started out a lot c:
                              I honestly thought it was going to be the alarm clock cliche, but then I read the next few sentences and was shocked. Lowkey started mentally screaming: "OH MY GOD SOMEONE AVOIDING CLICHES AND MAKING A GOOD BOOK TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE AUTHOR" XD
Cookiecrumbs98 Cookiecrumbs98 Nov 21, 2018
It was GREAT!! Drama is always an interesting way to start a book.
not_accountable not_accountable Dec 09, 2018
I'm just like that. Though I wouldn't say “i have the face of an Angel" it's more like. When I wanna look cute I look cute when I don't wanna look cute I really really don't wanna look cute...... Simple
_Elphy_ _Elphy_ Dec 05, 2018
Yes Jayden, because people "accidentally" such each other's faces off all the time. Total sense.