Grace and the Guiltless

Grace and the Guiltless

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Erin Johnson By ErinJohnsonAuthor Completed

New YA series set in the Wild West…

After her family is slaughtered by outlaws, sixteen-year-old Grace Milton goes on a vendetta to capture the gang who did it. When she discovers the corrupt sheriff is being bribed by the gang who killed her family, Grace hunts down the killers on her own. But can she survive the harsh desert, wild animals, rogue lawmen, and dangerous criminals?

The story will be serialized to completion.

See The Fruitcake Magazine for their review (under Brutally Honest Book Reviews:

Here's an excerpt from the review: "“What drew me in was its cover; it’s beautiful, mysterious and quite promising...The beginning is captivating and immediately shows what kind of character Grace is….I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it’s the most tragic start to an amazing story.”

CsongsandMoviesH CsongsandMoviesH Feb 14, 2016
Well look at that her father could have lived a little longer
marthfarls marthfarls Jan 02
Loved this story, I too love the old westerns because of my dad and his love of a good story. Thank you for sharing! You really have a great style.
RachidaAnejjar RachidaAnejjar Jul 30, 2016
Oh god! This chapter was truly amazing! I enjoyed every single line in it :) 
                              I can't imagine myself in Grace's place; watching my family suffering in front of me and can't do anything :( 
                              Yeah! She has to memorize those dirty faces so as to make an end to that gang :(
Blu_book22 Blu_book22 Mar 05, 2016
Don't forget the heat of 6 billion Suns and those nasty but familiar scorpions.
crowelljames crowelljames Apr 08, 2016
Well I just finished the first chapter and it is a great book
PatrickStormes PatrickStormes Nov 11, 2016
Holy ****! That was one brilliantly intense opening. Your descriptions were camera like showing me everything at a natural, intriguing rate. Just within those paragraphs your showing me valuable lessons on writing. I'm hooked and excited to read more!