Captured By A Ruthless Vampire King (Book 2)

Captured By A Ruthless Vampire King (Book 2)

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Book 2 of (The Awakening Series)

I'm a She-wolf who happened to be born on the day of The Awakening. My people once believed that the day when Luna passes directly behind earth and into the shadows was the day of new beginnings. The day of rebirth! They once called those particular days.... Luna passing days! 

For centuries Werewolves believed that in the year of 2081 on the Luna passing day. Our creator and savior the moon Goddess would once again walk the earth. Even the Lycans who are believed to be direct descendant from the moon goddess believed in Luna passing days. 

All of my people were wrong, Lycans included. The Luna passing day in the year of 2081 was marked as The Awakening. For humans it was the act of the vampire species coming into awareness of the human world. 

To Werewolves it was the day we were knocked off our high horses. Well, that's how I see it anyway but I'm no ordinary She-wolf. My kind usually thrive just thinking about spilling vampire blood. They always have.  

I honestly feel like we all can get along. Seriously, holding on to grudges never did anyone any good. It's pointless. We should all co-exist. 

I truly thought I understood the pain of losing your love ones. I knew it cut deep but I never truly understand how fucking deep it hurts. 

You see I use to believe that most vampires were just misunderstood.

 I use to believe that the only way to stop the bloodshed is to forgive and forget. 

How fortunate for me, that funny word name fate decided to show me otherwise. The Vampires took someone extremely important away from me. They crushed my soul when they took her life. I'll never forgive them. For the first time in history my people were right

I'll never heal.  Especially, now! I'm living with this ruthless Vampire King who insists on calling me his chosen but the sickest part of it all is he is actually my mate.

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