The Queen's Slave (Book 1)

The Queen's Slave (Book 1)

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"So." She mused, sliding one black nail across her lip in a sensual caress as she stared at me with eyes the color of molten gold. "You are the one they call Huntress." 

Disregarding the pain in my side from the most recent beating, I straightened my shoulders and stood tall, my chin jutting out in defiance. "Yes." 

"Mm." Those intriguing eyes watched me from her languid position on the throne. "But, you are not just a huntress, are you?" 

I allowed the predatory instincts I usually worked so hard to keep hidden, to surface, feeling the burning of my eyes and shifting of bones under my skin. A slow grin slid across my face as my beast stared back at her through my human skin. 

The Queen didn't react to my sudden change of character, instead choosing to lean forward in interest. "How fascinating." 


Once, the world was ruled by humans and technology. They were governed by a president that made choices for all. Vampires, werewolves alike hid their existence from the humans for centuries, blending in as a whole. 

Now, they hid no more. 

States are now territories governed by kings and queens, humans are regarded and used for no more than their blood and body before they are discarded and forgotten. Werewolves and vampires were at war, and it was said that the wolves had all been but snuffed out, save for one. 

When Adira is captured while hunting outside her homeland, she is unexpectedly sold to the Queen in the North. 

Wolf blood is sacred, it is said to hold inexplainable powers, and as the only wolf-borne known to humans and vampires alike, Adira fears for her life. 

Thrown into a world governed by everything she's been trained to hate, Adira fights for her rightful place in the world, a seat at the Queen's side. 

But proving her worth won't be easy, the price for failure is her life.

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Kamson94 Kamson94 Jan 04
I have also been searching for that book born a slave series.... I think it's deleted ....oh man....
Is this the same author who wrote the queens slave {born a slave series}
KateMacaulay17 KateMacaulay17 Nov 27, 2018
I've read the original 3 times. I'm so excited for this. You have phenomenal writing skills absolutely love your work.
RandomMac RandomMac Nov 24, 2018
Aaaaaaaaa yessss I love Gal Gadot, she is too beautiful like wtf is she even human?? 🖤🖤😂
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski Nov 20, 2018
Aha! I thought the name had changed. I thought I was crazy for a moment there.
Paneon Paneon Nov 22, 2018
Aw man. Honestly this book was one of the first ive ever read here on wattpad. I think a few years ago. I remember becoming so captivated and other books followed. Then i started writing myself. So thanks! Iguess