Smoke Screen (Bakugo x Reader )

Smoke Screen (Bakugo x Reader )

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Sayori_Kaede By Sayori_Kaede Updated Apr 17

Y/N is Shota Aizawa's niece. You lived with your parents in America up until a week ago. You've been forced to move to Japan after your parents were killed. Thanks to your uncle working at UA you've been accepted as the 21st student in Class 1-A. 

This story takes place just after the provisional licensing exam/Deku v. Kacchan Pt. 2. This does not follow any other timeline in relation to the anime or the manga.

Fair warning, it does start out a little intense and a little sad, but the good news is after the first like four or five chapters it can only go up from there, emotionally that is. 

The first two or three chapters are more set up than anything. I promise you will get what you came for fluff and smut and love and drama and action (of more than one type). 

** Artwork is not mine**
*I do not own My Hero Academia or any of the characters*

*** This is my first ever fan fiction. I've been writing my own books and original story ideas for years now and they are still only being shared with my closest friends, but ever since getting into anime I've wanted to write fan fictions. Please leave any constructive criticism (: I hope you enjoy!!***

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