Anxious in LOVE

Anxious in LOVE

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bea_santello By bea_santello Updated Dec 13, 2018

Susie is known as nothing more than a delinquent at her school; Always slamming kids against the lockers, smashing others' belongings, and the worst of all- She eats her teacher's chalk.  

"Oh, Kris, I know if she found someone *special* her ways could change!" says Noelle in confidence to her best friend, Kris. 

Noelle, an innocent and defenseless teen girl, has been crushing on Susie all year.  

But... she hasn't ever TALKED to her!  Not even small talk.  Yes, it's one of THOSE crushes.  The ones daydreamed about at night time, but when around them in reality, bashfulness overtakes everything.

As kissy-cutie as it may sound, it isn't so easy for an anxious teen girl.  Noelle has many obstacles preventing her from conveying her love, but the main one is... her mother.

In spite of her complicated emotions, her mother's homophobia is no help.  Being the stuck up town mayor- her mother threatens to make homosexuality illegal in the town once she finds out about her daughters high school crush.  

Will Noelle build up the confidence to confess her love to Susie?  Or will she fearfully discard her love, obeying her abusive mother?  

Or maybe

Maybe her choices don't matter.

(Authors note: This is a novel that will consist of many parts, always feel free to leave ideas, opinions and criticism in the comments!)

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