The Wolven King {18+}

The Wolven King {18+}

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Chelsea By chelseaxxm123 Completed


As I was beginning to relax, a new terror coursed through my body at his next word, "Strip." 

"Ex-excuse me?" I blurted out. I wasn't getting undressed in front of him, I barely knew him. He must have been trying to gain something from me and I doubted my fear and embarrassment was what he wanted. 

Adrenous didn't say anything as he drew his hands up my back and halted at the laces of my dress. I felt him tug at one of the nots and I instantly pulled away and turned to face him, no longer caring that his manhood was out for all to see. Just like that part of him, he too was a dick. "I'm not getting undressed in front of you!" I yelled at him. 

"Your mine, Alivia," My name passed his lips easily and hearing him say it did things to me which I didn't want to admit. Instead I glared at him, he said I was his as if I was some kind of possession that he could do with as he pleased. He added, "Let me take care of you." 

I didn't know what he meant by that, all I knew was that I had no intention of doing as he had asked. 



WARNING: this book is mature and should only be read if you are 18+. There are depictions of mature language, violence and sexual behaviour.


'I love your writing. You go into great detail to where I can actually picture what is happening whether it be sexual or action scene. I am taken to a whole other world when reading the story.' - @AngelaHarvey423

'I'm enjoying this story so far. It's very clearly written. You somehow managed to give it a fresh take even though stories like this are so common here. It's very well balanced so far. I look forward to seeing the journey you'll take the story on.' - @thelisa365

'This book is amazing, you write in such detail that I feel like I'm watching a movie. This book is so good. - @Limelight_100