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Internet Love ~SasuSaku~

Internet Love ~SasuSaku~

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Ash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ By Kit_Katzzz Completed

Sakura Haruno once lived a splendid life as the daughter of a prosperous businessman who owned the wealthy web design company, Haruno Web Industries. That is, until her father died, suicide being suspected as the cause of death. As time passed, Sakura's goal was to become a web designer and retake the family business. With her best friend Kiba by her side, he suspects that she needs to enter the world of social media. Although Sakura spends her free time on the internet, it never crossed her mind to create a social media page, but she hesitantly accepts. After she crosses paths with an unknown user named No Name, life begins to look up for her as she realizes she may have made a new friend. Little did she know, this anonymous boy was a big deal.

⭐Won 1st Place in the 2015 NarutoWattys under the 'Canon Pairings' category⭐

Niisan300 Niisan300 Apr 09
I wear glasses and I punch every single bully I come across from and I say to "how do you like it, do you like getting bullied? All of you just need to grow up or shut up" anywho that's my story and I was bullied when I was five and now I'm 15 will be 16 in January
Shiirasai Shiirasai Jun 02
I wear glasses and I tease people for not wearing glasses omg LMAO IM WEIRD K BYE
nikoleubana nikoleubana Jun 07
I just want to cook what I saw in youtube...but I ended up being like itachi.
Chaos_Dork Chaos_Dork Apr 10
Oh, same but last year. The school promised us to buy NEW laptops because our laptops we own was the one they've had for years and years. BUT LAST YEAR, instead of doing that. They BUILD another school instead replacing our old laptops.... But this year, thank goodness they are going to replace it!
aw nice, my school has budget issues with all the clubs and CCAs
decahyani decahyani May 04
When someone judge and think the person who wear glasses are nerd or dorky, it will be copied by person who do not looked back on their personalities. Most of that judge for bullied and for fun. Hmm..