Rejected And Broken

Rejected And Broken

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Indie_Hoe By Indie_Ho Updated Dec 30, 2018

"Please no" I sobbed. Jace's hand traveled down my thigh, pulling down my underwear as my hands were tied to the bed I thrashed around begging him to stop. "'re going to love this mate" he smirked and then the next thing I know, his fingers were inside me.


Blue was the lowest ranked werewolf in her pack, even lower than the omegas. The omegas in the pack were actually treated right. They are the weakest in pack so their rank would only be an omega. They never did any house work or clean us like maids around the house. 
That was blue's job. She was more like a servant instant of a maid. After the massacre 8 years ago everyone hated her. The rouges were the ones who killed her parents, they also killed members in the pack including Jace's mother.... 
Blue was only 9 then she shifted early and had beautiful golden fur unlike anything seen before, she was also the beta's daughter everyone feared her resulting in the pack members hating her for what she was. The only people she had was her parents, her brother kai and her best friend Jace. They said she was beautiful either way and nothing could change their minds. Until the day if the massacre.

-Read find out what happens 
-Ya girl ... Indie_Hoe🙊
This is my first time ever writing a book so if I make some errors don't mind it and keep the hate to yourself :)

‼️Warning before you read this just so you know it contains mature content (Strong language , Abuse, Rape etc..)‼️

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