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Is a King without a Queen, truly a King?

Mekhi is a lost soul. His lycan lies awake in agony, missing for something they would never be able to have. The Moon would only give you one mate and one mate alone. That's why you had to cherish them.  

So why would the moon be cruel enough to take his away from him, even before he could speak a single word to her? Mehki hated the Moon. 

The Law stated that he had to have a female rule besides him, in order to take the crown rightfully. Mekhi also hated the Law too. 

But the Law spoke nothing of his female being a werewolf. Mekhi always thought of the Moon as cruel, so why did she give him another mate, and a wolf at that? The Law wouldn't like it. 

What would Mekhi choose, the Law, or his Moon?

  • aggressive
  • confidence
  • desire
  • dominant
  • hunting
  • king
  • law
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  • lycan
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  • primal
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