The devious maids in Lingerie

The devious maids in Lingerie

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SheSonnet By SheSonnet Updated Oct 17, 2015

Follow two best friends who grew up together in an orphanage, they both were tired in living in the dumb hole they lived in. Until one day they found this AD magazine, it was for young women to be "Service maids to please and pleasure". But what they don't know is that, that job requires a certain sexual task, are these ladies willing to become Sexy, Slutress, Devious maids who gets to fulfill two erotic mysterious lavish men who have a hidden secret and choose them specifically to handle their duties and needs. 

But what they don't know won't hurt them in the end...Right?.? 

Read on to follow their sexual journey in their new life... © Copyrights SheSonnet

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SheSonnet SheSonnet May 04, 2016
@roxiexanmoya Huh?. ¿(⊙︿⊙)? I'm sorry but for some reason I can see a notifications of you commenting, but I'm unable to read it, it says the comment was either unfound or deleted??!?? 😩🤔😟
pipa_loves1819 pipa_loves1819 Feb 22, 2017
😒 feel bad for those younger than me... But age restriction doesn't stop them, your your own age online.
biebuschrist biebuschrist Aug 04, 2016
I just read the summary and already know how it's gonna end, thx
vanessaforeverlove vanessaforeverlove May 31, 2015
bitch pleas ur just tryna scare people u wont fne them that much just for copying a book
EnjyTs EnjyTs Jan 17, 2015
Yepp, we both have Vivienne in our stories. High Five girl B) <3