✧Deltarune✧Jevil X Fem!Human!Reader✧

✧Deltarune✧Jevil X Fem!Human!Reader✧

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°RED~SOLE° By eroticsquid Updated Jun 10

Name ➥ Chaos
Ship(s) ➥ Jevil X fem!human!Reader
Fandom ➥ Deltarune with Undertale characters
Warning(s) ➥ Fluff, Cringe 
After your fell into a big, long sleep, you instantly get to know the man, who decided to care about you with the command of your real father, W.D. Gaster.
Over time you went into another town, were you also met someone, who accompanied you through the adventure, on which you fell in by fate. 
Down there, the two started to search after an exit but it wasn't that easy, because someone wanted to make that exciting, namely the one, who destroyed your ex-town, killed all people, including your parents, Jevil.
He's insane and such a crazy boy, but with his interests into you, you slowly fell in love with him, which increased the thought, that this maze towards the overworld was complete nightmare.


I don't own any of the characters from Deltarune/Undertale and both fandoms theirselves!
➥ story and cover (only the edits) made by @eroticsquid

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