Quick Transmigration: Ready to counterattack?

Quick Transmigration: Ready to counterattack?

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DeepHatredExist By Wellox3 Updated Feb 25

Ying Yue got a call while driving her Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita on the way home after just finishing her mission. Yes, you guessed it right. Ying Yue works as a hidden assassin and not any assassin the number 1 on the leaderbord of assassins and she gained this title because of her ruthless,cold and  merciless personality.


-Yes,what is it Mom? I'm driving right now so if it is nothing importent then let's talk later. Ying Yue said with a cold voice.

-Oh, I just wanted to know if you  are on the way... then I'll hung up I gues... BUT REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! she said before she hung up and I couldn't help but smileat this super caring mother of mine.

But just when she placed her phone in her bag she looked up and suddenly saw a car coming with full speed at her. She had no time to react  because  when she noticed it was already too late. My head hurt alot but for some reason I was smiling at myself, at how dumb I was for not enjoying life and other things to regret  but  before I could regret it more I found myself suddenly in a empty place.  

Just when she started looking around trying to find someone she heard a childish voice.
'Hi Host 203, I'm your new system and  I look forward to working with you from now on'

Ps: This is my own novel but I might use some ideas from other novels and I will make sure that it does not say 'please don't steal ideas' from the novels I do seek help from.;3

Ps.s: There is no posting schedule decided on right now since I Just started writing this novel.

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