Sander sides- Vampire

Sander sides- Vampire

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Doomkitten2004 By Doomkitten2004 Updated 9 hours ago

Vampires! You hear about them In every horror movie but what if they are different from what you have know.....

Four Vampires in an apartment.
Four Different vampires living together.

Sander sides charters are not owned by me they are owned mu the amazing person Thomas sanders

None of the drawings seen in this story are owned by we either

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SteggyPlush SteggyPlush Nov 18, 2018
Virgil is one blunt vampire. Everyone else tries to hide it and Virgil's like "yeah, just drank some blood. What'ch you gonna do?"
Moosebun Moosebun Nov 23, 2018
Virgil listen hun, we need to talk about you exposing yourself on the first day
eragon141 eragon141 2 days ago
Dont do that, you might hurt it! *grabs 12PM and hugs it* ~whispers~ its ok dear their just jealous..
IvySinnerDream IvySinnerDream Dec 12, 2018
I really like the idea of there being different types of vampires, mostly by what kind of blood they drink but still it adds a lot to the story, and the characters.
SteggyPlush SteggyPlush Nov 18, 2018
What the heckity heck, Ive never seen this before! Also do you by any chance have discord? Im curious. Also im worried about Roman, what's he gonna do when he can't find human blood!!! Ahh!
I can just picture everyone watching a cliche vampire movie and shouting in unison "not all vampires are like that!!!" XD