Angels and Death

Angels and Death

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Consumed by Shadows By sammy44680 Updated Dec 31, 2015

Do you believe in Angels? What would happen if an Angel lost faith and rebelled? What would happen if he took his charge with him?

Guardian angels are assigned a charge the moment before conception. They stay in the invisible folds around each and every charge. Essentially each human has a web of sorts, a web of destiny, each destiny can not be changed. Guardians see it through, to plans end, but accidents can happen, as God has given free will to all humans....

Angels and Death is about a guardian Angel named Caspian, who was supposed to let his charge Samantha, die. Not only did that NOT happen, he befriended her. Caspian believes there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Samantha, now it has become his sole purpose to prove so. But Caspian's rebellion could cost him severely...

Find out what happens to Cas and his beloved charge Samantha in Angels and Death.